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薬草、鍼、マッサージ、アロマセラピーなどによる治療法や健康法は中国や南アメリカの固有な文化が用いてきたが、最近では西欧の国々やアメリカでも盛んに用いられるようになった。 薬草の貿易が活発になり、特に中国からベトナムを経由しタイやラオスに大量に輸出される

Choose the correct answer.

1. Each year, people spend millions of dollars on health care, drugs and various remedies to take care ______________ themselves.

a) in

b) from

c) of

2. Traditionally, it is the ______________ nations, such as China, and indigenous cultures such as those in South America that have used natural and alternative medicines to treat their health problems.

a) eastern

b) western

c) northern

3. But these days, western nations, such as the U.K., Germany, Australia, Finland, France and the United States rely ______________ them, too.

a) on

b) in

c) of

4. In fact, the World Health ______________ (WHO) estimates that four billion people, two-thirds of the world's population, use herbal medicines for some sort of primary health care.

a) Organized

b) Organizing

c) Organization

5. Herbal and natural medicine ______________ for thousands of years.

a) has practiced

b) had been practiced

c) has been practiced

6. It is also holistic, ______________ that it doesnt just focus on the sick part of the body.

a) meaning

b) meaned

c) mean

7. Practitioners believe that everything in the body is connected, and that treatment is meant to be ______________ preventative as it is curative.

a) that

b) which

c) as

8. As a result, the rise in the use of ______________ and alternative medicines is also sparking a rise in international trade, especially from China.

a) chemical

b) artificial

c) herbal

9.In 2006, trade in this region was ______________ $25 million USD.

a) on

b) about

c) with

10. While some of these northern medicines from China stay in ______________ , many are exported again to other countries such as Thailand and Laos, resulting in more than 80 percent of this trade going through the small border town of Aidian.

a) India

b) Germany

c) Vietnam

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