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世界の料理 the world Food


1.タイ・イサーン(東北)料理  Isan日本語) : タイの写真を集めたサイトです。美味しそうな料理の写真が沢山あります。


2. THE THAI (日本語) : タイ料理や調味料を沢山紹介しています。


3. コラートへおいでよ(日本語) : イサーンの玄関口に当たる都市を紹介しているサイトです。


4.エスニック大好き!(日本語) : タイのレシピや日本国内のタイ料理店を紹介しています。 に掲載の記事・写真の無断転載を禁じます。すべての内容は日本の著作権法並びに国際条約により保護されています。
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Food except soups are commonly eaten by hand



1. Isan

Isan is the northeast region of Thailand. Isan's culture is predominantly Lao, and has much in common with that of the neighboring country of Laos. Isan food is distinct from Thai and Lao cuisines, but has elements in common with each. The most obvious characteristics are the use of sticky rice rather than plain rice, as well as fiery chillies. Popular dishes include tammakhung, or in central Thai, som tam (papaya salad), larb (meat salad) and gai yang (grilled chicken).

2. Som tam

Som tam is a spicy papaya salad originating in Laos and the Isan region of Thailand. Som in Isan and Lao is sour, and tam means pounded.

The main ingredient is grated, unripe papaya, seasoned and pounded to a softened state in a mortar. Chili, garlic, lime and fish sauce are also usually added, while yardlong beans and tomato are optional. There are many variations of the dish, some made with carrot instead of papaya. The dish combines the four main tastes of Lao/Thai cuisine: sour lime, hot chilli, salty fish sauce, and sweetness added by palm sugar. It is served at room temperature, traditionally with sticky rice. It is also sometimes served with pork rinds, raw water spinach, raw winged beans or raw cabbage.


Som tam and sticky rice




Isan Food

Isan Food Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Isan is the _____________ region of Thailand.

a: south

b: central

c: northeast

2. Isan’s culture has much in common with that of the neighboring country of _____________.

a: Japan

b: Laos

c: Spain

3. The main ingredient of som tam is ______________.

a: papaya

b: strawberry

c: onion

4. Som tam combines the _______________ main tastes of Lao/Thai cuisine.

a: three

b: four

c: five

5. Som tam is served with _______________ rice.

a: plain

b: brown

c: sticky

テキスト ボックス: Notes

Predominantly : 主に      be distinct from : 〜と異なる     
sticky rice : もち米      rather than : 〜よりもむしろ 
originating : 〜に源を発する      fish sauce : ナンプラー
Yardlong : インゲン        
pork rinds : ケップ・ムー(豚の皮を揚げたもの)
Isan Food T or F

True or False Quiz

1. The most obvious characteristics of Isan food are the use of fried rice rather than plain rice, as well as fiery chillies. 

or ?

2.There are many variations of Som tam, some made with carrot instead of papaya.

or ?

3. Som tam is served at high temperature.

or ?