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世界の料理 the world Food

9.シードル Cidre


well-established :確立した  beverage:飲料    

aperitif:食前酒       polyphenol (tannin):ポリフェノール

ant oxidation :酵酸化    melanin:メラニン

cholesterol  :コレステロール enzyme:<生化>酵素 に掲載の記事・写真の無断転載を禁じます。すべての内容は日本の著作権法並びに国際条約により保護されています。
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Most people think France is the country of wine, but the Bretagne region in northwest France is blessed with a soil and a climate perfect for growing apples. The people of the Bretagne region have a well-established apple culture, so it's no wonder that life seems to revolve around this fruit.


a fresh, light alcoholic beverage which has been a part of life for more than 2000 years.


a distilled alcoholic beverage which is sometimes known as "eau de vie", water of life.


an apple liqueur made from cidre which is drunk as an aperitif.

As cidre contains much less alcohol than wine, it can play a role similar to that of beer, and can be drunk on many different occasions, casual or formal, to quench thirst or to accompany a meal.


Dry cidre is 4.5% alcohol and sweet cidre 2%.

Not simply for its taste but also for its health benefits, cidre will become one of the internationally loved beverages of the century.


 Val de Rance Cidre has just right balance of alcohol (4.5% dry, 2% sweet), is easy to drink, is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acid, and also contains a high amount of polyphenol.



About polyphenol (tannin)

This vegetable substance, found in apple, grape and tea, is the reason for a bitter and astringent taste. This component was responsible for the red wine boom in Japan which began with reports stating that two glasses of red wine daily would help preventing hardening of the arteries, and can benefit your body in several ways.


The effects of Polyphenol in Cidre

-Because of the antioxidation action, cholesterol doesn't adhere to blood vessels, preventing hardening of the arteries.

-Polyphenol has an antiallergic action and bacterio static, so it heals allergic symptoms such as atopic dermatitis.

-The restraining action of the thylogenase enzyme prevents melanin synthesis, which helps keep the skin in a good healthy condition.

-Polyphenol helps prevent the build-up of oral bacterial enzymes and helps prevent tooth decay.

-It helps to prevent bad breath by restraining outbreaks of methyl mercaptan.

(Researched by L'Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) and others)


テキスト ボックス:  欧州の食卓にはいつもシードルが置かれています。





Choose the correct answer.

Q1 The people of the Bretagne region have a well-established(   ) culture.

a: apple

b: lemon

c: grape

Q2  Cidre is fresh and light alcoholic beverage which has been a part of life for more than (    ) years

a: 2000

b: 500

c: 1000

Q3 Cidre contains much(    ) alcohol than wine.

a: better

b: more

c: less

Q4 Polypenol found in apple, grape and tea, is the reason for a (    ) and astringent taste.

a: sweet

b: bitter

c: hot

Q5 Pommeau an apple liqueur made from (   ) which is drunk as an aperitif.

a: wine

b: Cidre

c: zin

Cidle T or F

True or False Quiz

1. Cidre that has been produced at Brittany, France is made from 100% thick-skinned small apples specially cultivated for this purpose. 

or ?

2. There's no water, sugar or reconstituted apple juice so almost all of the apple's sugar turn into alcohol, giving the drink a dry taste.

or ?

3. Apples for Cidre are harvested from October to December.

or ?

4. The pulp is then kept in barrels for five to six hours

or ?

5. The pure juice will be kept in a temperature-fixed barrel for three days.

  or ?

6. There is without sugar, so fermentation will be smooth and produce a natural sweetness.

  or ?


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