table manner


Choose the correct answer.

1.Unlike in some other parts of East Asia, it is considered bad manner to       in Japan.

 1 burp
 2 hiccup
 3 yawn

2.Do not     food with your chopsticks.

1 spear
2 hold of
3 cut

3.Do not point with your chopsticks to something or somebody.
   Do not    around plates or bowls with     .

1 move /chopsticks
2 move /hand
3 take /hand

4.The toast is held at the beginning of the meal, when all of the participants are present. It is 
  hold only  once and you are expected to at least pretend to take, a              even if you don't

1 sip
2 drink
3 drink up

5.            is used in almost the same way as a paper napkin.

1 kaishi
2 oshibori
3 handkerchief

6. Hold the bowl in your     hand, and grasp the top of the lid with your         hand.

1 right / left
2 left / right
3 both / both

7.The honored seat (kamiza) is where the main guests sits. There is usually a tokonoma (alcove)  
 with a kakejiku (hanging scroll) behind the kamiza. The seat is the      place from the 
 entrance in a position where the guest can see the garden well.

1 nearest
2 farthest
3 middle

8.In general,       is served before the meal. During and after the meal,      is served.     

1 sencha (green tea)  / hojicha (roasted tea)
2 hojicha (roasted tea) / sencha (green tea)
3 sencha (green tea) / sencha (green tea)

9.             in public, and especially at the table, is considered bad manner.

1 Blowing your nose
2 It speaks happily
3 It becomes silent and it eats

10.Wasabi horseradish should                directly in soy sauce, but rather lightly placed on 
   the sashimi itself and then dipped in soy sauce.


1 not be dissolved
2 dissolved
3 not put on