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Choose the correct answer.

1.Taiwan(台湾料理):Natural original flavors are preserved and there is a focus on light ,fresh and (@   ) flavored dishes, influenced by the Dutch and (A   ) raw and slightly water-scalded food is (B   ) accepted.

@ sour heavy  simply
A Japanese  Malaysia  Singapore
B widely  narrow  small

2.Fujian(福建料理):Dominated by (C  ) ,preferably steamed, mainly light ,sweet, and sour flavorings.


seafoods  vegetable lamb meat

3.Guandong(広東料理):Great variety of ingredients, focus on light, fresh, smooth,(D    ),tasty and tender dishes, main methods of food preparation consist of frying ,baking, stir-frying,steaming,and boiling.


sour sweet spicy

4.Jiangxi(浙江料理):Focus on (E   ),main methods of food preparation consist of stewing, braising, steaming, stir-frying, and cooking, for all of which temperature control is the most important aspect, flavors are light but do not lack taste, bones are removed while keeping shapes intact, although smooth and tender dishes have (F  ) their taste.

E original flavors ingredient hot spices
F keep   Kept keeping

5.Shanghai(上海料理):Dishes breathing international fame originate here, local flavors are adhered to and dishes are mostly oily, drowning in sauce and brightly colored.

6.Hunan(湖南料理):Sour, hot, and rich flavors are the secret behind the popular dishes from this area,a well-known specialty is the smoked bacon, dishes from Hunan and Sichuan show some similarities as many as hot-flavored because of the use of (G  )amounts of red pepper.


large  a little  no

7.Sichuan(四川料理):Famous for its hot-flavered dishes as preferably dried and fresh red pepper is used during preparation, fish and other seafood is favored, extremely popular among those (H   )favor strongly-flavored food.


who  mild  sweet

8.Beijing(北京料理):A combination of flavors from all corners, magnificently and delicately prepared, dishes combine color, shape, flavor, and nutrition, and are mostly light and tender.

9.Hakka(客家料理): Dried and preserved materials form important ingredients of the Hakka kitchen; dishes are mostly strongly flavored {I  ) flavored, well-done, salty,fat}.


grill  roast  burnt