There are countless websites that provide general information about Japan. In <Japan-related information>, we select only one site we think most comprehensive from each category.
There are a number of good sites on non-Japanese people's daily life in Japan. However, they are often dispersed into many different websites and hard to reach quickly. We will search these sites and add them to <Life in Japan> to make it a good database on gaijin life in Japan. Please recommend your favorite sites to Link Keeper Michiko

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<Life in Japan>

Guide to Japanese Visas (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
English http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html

Information on Japanese visas.

Immigration (Ministry of Justice)
English http://www.moj.go.jp/ENGLISH/IB/ib-04.html
Information about entry to Japan, alien registration, and refugee status.

The Japan FAQ: Know before you go
(Or: What I wish I knew before....)
An informative and enjoyable FAQ site about life in Japan. "How do I get a work visa?", "Will my electric appliances work in Japan?", etc.

In addition to a variety of general information and links, this site has a Forum containing Japan PenFriend, Chat room, Discussion Forum, Experience Forum, and Questions.

ELT News
A site for English teachers in Japan. It contains a Message Board about teaching English, experience of JET program, etc., as well as job information.

<View Japanese sites>

Open Japan
The easiest way to view Japanese on your PC without having Japanese fonts installed. At the top of the Open Japan site, simply type in a URL you want to visit. (But it can be very slow depending on your PC's performance.)

<Other cool sites>

This cute site has been set up by a Japanese living in Italy. It features Japanese restaurants in Italy, language schools in Japan, etc.

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