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Russia quiz

Russia quiz

Choose the correct answer.


1. The official language spoken in Russia is _____________.

a: Arabic

b: English

c: Russian

2. The capital of Russia is _____________.

a: Khabarovsk

b: St.Petersburg

c: Moscow

3. The population of Russia is about ______________ as of 2006.

a: smaller than Japan

b: lager than Japan

c: Japan and isometry

4. The national flag of Russia is _______________.

a: Slavic tricolor flag

b: the Star-Spangled Banner

c: a union flag

5. The area of Russia is about _______________.

a: smaller than Japan

b: larger than Japan

c: Japan and isometry

6. There are _______________ national holidays through a year in Russia.

a: smaller than Japan

b: the number of that is larger

c: the number of them is the same

7. The official currency of Russia is _______________.

a: the rouble

b: the euro

c: the dollar

8. One rouble is approximately Russia Japanese Yen as of December, 2006.

a: 2.1

b: 3.4

c: 4.5

9. Major ethnic groups in the Russia are _______________.

a: east Slavic group

b: Ainu group

c: Russian

10. Voting rights/(universal) Suffrage given from _______________ years old in Russia.

a: 16

b: 18

c: 21

11. _______________ is the system of government in Russia.

a: Federal system and Republican from of government

b: Capitalism

c: Socialism

12. The major religion of Russia is _______________.

a: Russia Orthodox Church

b: Buddhism

c: Hinduism

13. In Russia _______________ % of the people are literate.

a: 92.4

b: 94.6

c: 99.6

14. The ratio of total fertility in Russia is _______________ % as of 2006.

a: 1.34

b: 1.56

c: 1.77

15. Russia is bordered in _______________.

a: Afghanistan

b: Mongolia

c: Kirghiz

16. Russia is located in the _______________ Continent.

a: Eurasian

b: Asia

c: South pole

17. President _______________ became the Russian President in 2000.

a: Gorbachev

b: Putin

c: Yeltsin

18. The Russia’s greatest trade state is _______________.

a: Germany

b: America

c: France

19. The economic growth rate is _______________ % for Russian 2005 years.

a: 4.7

b: 6.4

c: 7.3

20. Russian main industry is the _______________ industry.

a: auto

b: shipbuilding

c: mining

21. A Russian average life span of 2005 is _______________ years old.

a: 67.1

b: 73.7

c: 84.2

Russia quiz T or F

True or False Quiz


22. The beer is sold as a PET bottle beverage in Russia. 

or ?

23. Basic vodkas are produced with wheat and water.

or ?

24. Potato chips of the salmon roe and the caviare taste very popular in Russia.

or ?

25. Beef is not easily obtained as a food situation of Russia. Therefore, the price has soared.

or ?

Making up problem

下記の文章の空欄 ( _______) に、リストの中からそれぞれ語句を選んで入れてください。また必要があれば、その語句の形を変化させてください。

 List: 1. exists     2. variations    3. height   4. anthem    5. happend

26 In 1917, the Russian Revolution (_______).


27 There are various (_______) in "Swan Lake" of Russian ballet.


28 A Russian national (_______) is the same as a thing of the Soviet Union.


29 In 1917, the Russian Revolution (_______).


30 The (_______) of astronaut's Gagarin was 154 centimeters.



ロシアについて◆ http://www.russigator.ru/index.html

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