Peru(Machu Picchu) Quiz

 尖った絶壁の山々がそびえるウルバンバ渓谷の山間に標高2,280mの頂上にあるマチュピチュがあります。マチュピチュとは老いた峰を意味します。山裾からはその存在を確認できないことから“空中都市”とも呼ばれるこの遺跡はスペイン人から逃れるためにあるいは復讐の作戦を練るためにインカの人々が作った秘密都市だったともいわれています。 マチュピチュの総面積は5平方kmでその約半分の斜面には段々畑が広がっており、西の市街区は神殿や宮殿があり居住区などに分かれていて周囲は城壁で固められています。16世紀半ばにはインカの人々は高度な文明が栄えたマチュピチュを残して、さらに奥地へと消えてしまいます。その後400年以上にわたって人の目に触れることがなく1911年にアメリカ人歴史学者ハイラム・ビンガムが初めて見た時には草に覆われた廃虚となっていました。マチュピチュにまつわる多くの謎は未だに解明されていません。

Choose the correct answer.

1. Machu Picchu is probably the most familiar symbol of the_________.

a) Asuka empire

b) Incas empire

c) Cusco empire

2. It is often referred to as "_____________".

a) The Victory City of the Incas

b) The Lost City of the Incas

c) The Shining City of the Incas

3.Machu Picchu is 70 kilometers northwest of Cusco, on the crest of the mountain Machu Picchu, located about ______ meters above sea level.

a) 500

b) 1000

c) 2000

4. Incas was a___________because its deep precipices and mountains were an excellent natural defense.

a) amusement secret

b) military secret

c) religion secret

5. In 1981 an area of 325.92 square kilometres surrounding Machu Picchu was declared a "_________ Sanctuary" of Peru.

a) Historical

b) Sacred

c) Ancient

6.Based on research conducted by scholars such as John Rowe and Richard Burger, most archaeologists now believe that, rather than a defensive retreat, Machu Picchu was __________of the Inca emperor Pachacuti.

a) an amusement park

b) an estate

c) a sports center

7. According to the archaeologists, the urban sector of Machu Picchu was divided into three great districts: the __________District, the Popular District, to the south, and the District of the Priests and the Nobility (royalty zone).

a) Secret

b) Sacred

c) Military

8. All of the construction in Machu Picchu uses the classic Inca architectural style of polished _____________of regular shape.

a) rain-stone walls

b) dry-stone walls

c) shine-stone walls

9. Many junctions are so ________that not even a knife fits between the stones.

a) beautiful

b) perfect

c) random

10. The space is composed of _________ constructions including temples, sanctuaries, parks and residences, houses with thatched roofs.

a) 50

b) 90

c) 140

11. It takes_______hours from Cusco to get to Machu Picchu by trains.

a) 1.5

b) 3.5

c) 5.5

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Created by Takuya Umezu