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【 A World of Change on the Web 】


1.Ethnic Stereotypes
Mex Galleryblog (blog dealing with Mexican/Hispanic stereotypes):
Wikipedia Article on Stereotypes:
2.Endangered Species
Pandas International (Save the Pandas):
Zoo Atlanta is Homepage with Panda Cam:
Endangered or Extinct (Canadian Museum of Nature):
Wikipedia Article on Giant Pandas:
3.Endangered Species 2: The West Indian Manatee
Save the Manatee Club:
Endangered Status of the West Indian Manatee:
The West Indian Manatee (Sirenian International):
Wikipedia Article on the West Indian Manatee:
4.Modern Masters of Art
Pablo Picasso:
Andy Warhol:
Salvador Dali Museum:
Article on Different Styles of Art (Wikipedia):,_periods_and_movements
5.Champions of Peace
Nobel e-Museum:
List of Laureates (winners):
Jimmy Carter Library & Museum:
King Center (Martin Luther King Jr.):
6.Myspace and Wikipedia
C-Side's Myspace Page with the song "Myspace Freak:"
David Ellis' Myspace Page:
7.Champions of Charity: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:
Forbes: List of Billionaires:
Berkshire Hathaway:
Warren Buffett (Wikipedia):
Bill Gates (Wikipedia):
8.Global Warming
An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary film on Global Warming):
Article on Global Warming Record of January 2007:
Article on the Valentine's Day Blizzard of February 2007:
Global Warming (Wikipedia):
9.Polar Bears on Thin Ice
Biogems (Save the Polar Bears):
Polar Bear Facts:
Polar Bears International:
An Inconvenient Truth (Film on Global Warming):
Polar Ice Cap (Wikipedia):
10.United Nations Population Division Home Page:

World Population Clock:

World Overpopulation Awareness (WOA):

11.An Era of Adoption?
The World Diamond Council

News from Africa

The Global Policy Forum

Diamonds for Development

12.Are Diamonds Really a Girlユs Best Friend?
The World Diamond Council

News from Africa

The Global Policy Forum

Diamonds for Development

13.Gambling around the Globe
The Australian Government Productivity Commission:

14.Our Bodies and Obesity
The World Health Organization (WHO):

BBC Health

15.Growing Old―Living Long
Guinness World Records


16.Ever-Changing Energy
Ethanol Information

Treehugger Web Magazine

BBC News

17.The Natural Way―Medicine and Trade
The World Health Organization

The Peopleユs Daily Online

Holistic Online

18.Copyright―What Are the Rules?
Asia Law

The EC ミ ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Cooperation Programme

19 A Beginnerユs Guide to Vegetarianism

The Vegetarian Society

The International Vegetarian Union

20.HIV/AIDS around the World

The World Health Organization:

The Global Fund -

Global Health Reporting -

Avert An International AIDS Charity -

The Body The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource -



A World of Change on the Web



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