Diamond Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. While diamonds are a huge source of __________ for Botswana and provide many people with jobs, these gems are also very controversial.

a) happiness

b) publicity

c) income

2. Until 1725, when they were discovered in __________, they were only mined in southern India.

a) Brazil

b) Canada

c) Botswana

3. Countries such as Canada and Serbia have also established diamond mines, but central and southern Africa make up about __________ of the worldfs diamond mining business.

a) 49%

b) 65%

c) 70%

4. Of the 1.6 million people of Botswana, diamonds account for 33% of its __________ domestic product (GDP) and 79% of its total exports.

a) global

b) gross

c) general

5. In 2003, world governments and __________ created the Kimberly Process.

a) the United Nations

b) the WHO

c) the WTO

6. Mining diamonds is not an easy job in Africa because it is very lucrative. Which word can best replace the word glucrativeh?

a) profitable

b) competitive

c) healthful

7.__________ or conflict diamonds have been illegally traded and sold to channel money to anti-government military groups.

a) Blood diamonds

b) Pink diamonds

c) Natural diamonds

Trivia about the Diamonds

8. Which country is the only known producer in the world of pink diamonds?

a) South Africa

b) Australia

c) The UK

9. In 1947, Debeers invented the phrase gA diamond is __________.h

a) Like no other

b) forever

c) great star of Africa

10. Which country has the largest amount of production of the diamonds in the world?

a) Russia

b) South Africa

c) Botswana

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