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3.Endangered Species 2: The West Indian Manatee
Choose the correct answer.


1.The name ヤmanateeユ comes from the 「    」 manatí.

 Spanish French Brazilian
2.Manatees are mainly「   」, spending most of their time grazing in shallow waters and at depths of 1-2 m (3-7 ft).
 herbivores carnivores fruitarians
3.When born, baby manatees have an average mass of 「  」kg.
 300 100 30
4.Half a manatee's day is spent 「   」in the water, surfacing for air regularly at intervals no greater than 20 minutes.
 sleeping swimming eating
5. Their color is [ ] and they have thick, wrinkled skin, often with coarse hair, or "whisker".s
 brownish gray light blue white
6.Manatees often congregate near「   」, which warm the waters.
boats power plants shallow place
7.It is surprising that the manatee's closest relatives are 「   」and hyrax (a small furry animal that resembles a rodent).
rhinoceros elephant dolphin
8.The average adult manatee is about 10 feet long and weighs about 「  」kg.
200 450 1000
9.Many manatee mortalities are 「   」-related.
human pollution water temperature
10.Which is the manatee?


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