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最近の日本ではヘルシーブームとマクロビオティックの影響をうけて若い女性のベジタリアンが増加しています。 それでも日本の肉食の現状を見てみると、メタボリック症候群が叫ばれる中、ますます肉食中心(動物性食品中心)の傾向がみられます。 

Choose the correct answer.

1. 【Etymology of the Word】 The word vegetarian was first used at the inauguration of the Vegetarian Society of________. It comes from the Latin vegetus, which means "whole", "sound," "fresh," and "lively." 
 a) the United Kingdom  b) the United States of America  c) the French Republic
2. 【The Start of the Modern Vegetarian Movement】 Approximately at the time when ________, England became associated with the Industrial Revolution, members of British bible colleges began a new diet that didn't require meat or fish, and left the consumption of eggs and milk up to the individual. The diet focused on eating things such as grains, vegetables, and beans as a primary stable. This was the beginning of modern vegetarianism.
Commercial cultivation followed, although the first reports of this, from the Yemen, were not recorded until the fifteenth century. 
 a) )London  b) Manchester  c) Birmingham 
3. 【Classes of Vegetarians】 Lacto-Vegetarians: This diet includes the diet of vegetarians, as well as ________ and dairy products. 
a) coffee  b) tea  c) milk 
4. 【Classes of Vegetarians】 Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians: This diet includes the consumption of vegetables, ________ , milk, and cheese and other dairy products. This class represents more than half of vegetarians in the West. 
  a) eggs  b) fish  c) meat 
5. 【Classes of Vegetarians】 Pescetarians: A Pescetarian diet includes vegetables, milk, eggs, and fish. Often, pescetarians avoid animal products made in factory-like conditions. This class is often called fish vegetarians, as well. Some eat ________ in addition to fish, and these are called demi-vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, and almost-vegetarians. 
 a) pork   b) poultry  c) mutton
6.【Eating meat speeds up the loss of rainforests】 Compared to the early 1960's, rainforests in central and south American have been depleted by as much as ________. Multi-national corporations that destroy rainforests for replacement by cattle ranches in such countries as Costa Rica and Nicaragua are one of the most significant reasons for this decrease. 
a) 80%  b) 20%  c) 40% 
7. 【Vegetarianism can reduce world hunger】 Our world has a population of approximately 6.0 billion. By 2025, it is said that this number will increase to ________8.5 billion. When this happens, we will obviously have greated problems with world hunger than we do now. 
a) 8.5 billion  b) 10.0 billion  c) 12.5 billion 
8. 【Vegetarianism can reduce world hunger】 The reason is ________. A meat-eater consumes approximately the ________sufficient to feed 20 people by consuming massive amounts of ________ from animals in place of sufficient amounts of ________ from plants. In order to share our world's________ supply and thus encourage world peace by preventing world starvation, the vegetarian diet is a natural answer. 
a) calcium    b) protein c) iron
9. 【It will help with global warming】 Global warming isn't only caused by cars and factories. Truly, there are domestic causes. If we compare getting protein from ________ versus getting protein from beef, beef production requires 40% as much fossil fuel. With our climate in mind, we must change the way we eat. 
a) rice   b) wheat  c) soybeans
10. 【Some famous vegetarians in the world】 Historically, Pitagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison were vegetarians. In the world of music and theatre, Richard Gear, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. Throughout time and geographical distance, we find many vegetarians. By the way, three-time olympic medal track and field champion Carl Lewis is also ________. 
a) vegan  b) dietary Vegan  c) fruitarian 


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