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16. Ever-Changing Energy Quiz

1. Energy causes things to happen around us. Look out the window. During the day, the sun gives out @     energy. At night, street lamps use electrical energy to light our way.
@ light  and  heat光と熱
electricity and heat電気と熱
light and electricity光と電気
2. Energy can be found in a number of different forms. It can be chemical energy, electrical energy, A    (thermal energy), B   (radiant energy), mechanical energy, and nuclear energy.

chemical energy:科学エネルギー  mechanical energy:機械的エネルギー

A wave波力
heat (
B hydro水力

3.Energy is the ability to do C   .

C the generation of electricity発電
4.Energy is measured in many ways. One of the basic measuring blocks is called a Btu. This stands for British thermal unit and was invented by, of course, the D   .

measured:測定されています  British thermal unit:英熱単位                       the basic measuring blocks:ブロックを計っている基礎  Btu:英国熱量単位                     

D Japanese
5.When you talk on the phone, your voice is transformed into E   energy, which passes over wires (or is transmitted through the air) .
E heat     (熱)
mechanical (機械的)
electrical  (電気)
6.A car uses stored F    energy in gasoline to move. The engine changes the F    energy into heat and kinetic energy to power the car .
F heat     (熱)
chemical  (科学)
mechanical (機械的)
7.Scientists used G   's famous equation as the key to unlock atomic energy and also create atomic bombs.

Scientists:科学者たちは  atomic energy:原子爆弾

G Einstein  (アインシュタイン)
Edison   (エジソン
Helmholtz   (ヘルムホルツ
8.We must all conserve H   and use it efficiently. It's also up to those who will create the new H    technologies of the future.

efficiently:能率的に  technologies:技術

H generation of electricity (発電)
energy エネルギー
saving 節約
 9.I    is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, whereas I    embraces the entire world - stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.モ           - Albert Einstein-

knowledge:知識  embraces:包含  stimulating progress:刺激的な進歩

I energy   (エネルギー
Imagination (想像力)
skill     (技術
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