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14.Our Bodies and Obesity
Choose the correct answer.

1. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders that increase one's risk for cardiovascular diseaseiSǎjand i j.

 1.diabetesiAaj 2.cancer 3.hernias
2. In some studies, the prevalence in the USA is calculated as being up to i jof the population.
 1. 25% 2. 15% 3. 35%
3. A condition with some similarities to human metabolic syndrome is recognized in i ); see equine metabolic syndrome. It is unknown if they have the same etiology.
 1. horses 3. pigs
4. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with more than  1 ( ) adults overweight - at least 300 million of them clinically obese.
1.million 2.billion  3.thousand
5. The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Since the 1970s, the percentage of overweight kids and adolescents in the United States has more than ( )  
1.doubled 2.tripled 3.quadrupled
6. Today, about ( ) of 2- to 5-year-olds and more than 15% of children between the ages of 6 and 19 are overweight.
1.15 2.20 3.10%
7. If you combine the percent of kids who are overweight with the percent of kids who are at risk of becoming overweight, about one out of ( )children are affected.
1.four  2.three 3.two
8. What Causes Overweight? ( )is a major culprit. Kids who watch more than 4 hours a day are more likely to be overweight compared with kids who watch 2 hours or less. 
1.TV 2.studying  3. baseball


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